Divorce and Separation

Our divorce solicitors offer expert divorce, mediation and separation advice

The Family Team at Mayo Wynne Baxter knows that divorce and separation advice has to be clear, sympathetic and specific to your circumstances.

Our experienced and approachable divorce solicitors have unprecedented knowledge on divorce and separation rights, including divorce mediation. Your individual circumstances are important to us and the first thing we will do is listen.

Divorce advice that can help you overcome a relationship breakdown

If your marriage has broken down and is irretrievable, then you can file for divorce. Only until it has reached this stage can you take the necessary legal steps and use our tailored divorce legal advice to move forward. One of the five following facts will determine a breakdown of a marriage:

  • Adultery by your spouse
  • Your spouse’s behaviour* is such that you cannot reasonably be expected to live with them
  • Desertion (This is extremely rare, and hard to prove)
  • Two years separation with the consent of your spouse
  • Five years separation without the consent of your spouse

* Note: behaviour can be anything from constant belittling over a long period of time to extreme violence.

You cannot apply for a divorce until the marriage has been in existence for a year and you or your spouse must have been resident in England or Wales for six months, or if you or one of you reside in a European Union Country.

This is a brief explanation as to how our divorce advice can help you, and is not intended to be a substitute for tailored assistance to your circumstances.