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A new online legal service launching soon 

We are excited to introduce LawEasier, a new online legal service from Mayo Wynne Baxter that uses technology to help you with your legal needs, and save you time and money.

We have created a suite of letters and legal documents that you can create for yourself from the comfort of your home or office without the need to even talk with our expert lawyers.

The LawEasier platform provides online guidance and assists you to create a bespoke document or letter at a fraction of the traditional cost. We can do this because our Rapidocs technology asks you the questions that a solicitor would, and uses your answers to create a bespoke and legally correct document. Think of it as a clever bit of AI that guides you through the process to create your own documents. The AI will never let you create an incorrect document so you can be assured that your finished document or letter will be legally correct and could stand up in court

The system is best suited to those matters that perhaps do not need expert advice from our solicitors and are relatively straightforward although many of the documents include access to our legal advice line so you can talk through your specific situation. Some documents also come with our legal review service which allows you to send your completed document to our LawEasier lawyers who will check it for you.

For You

Once logged in you will have access to hundreds of legal guides all in plain English that explain the documents you need. The system is simple to use and you only pay for the documents you need. You can create documents at any time, not just during office hours. You can save partially completed or finished documents securely on our system and return to edit them at your leisure.

If you are not sure if LawEasier is for you then we offer all our documents on a ‘try before you buy’ basis. Just pick the document you are interested in, follow the guidance to complete it and when you have finished you can either buy it, and it will be instantly accessible, or delete it.

There are hundreds of letters, documents, and packs to choose from to help and prices start from just £10 + vat.

For Business

If you are a small business then we already offer 12-month memberships that gives you unlimited access to our business legal guides, documents, and letters. Make sure your business is protected and not in breach of UK business law from as little as £35 + vat per month. For details of our business memberships click here

Our PAYG service will also be launching soon for businesses who do not need full membership.

LawEasier from Mayo Wynne Baxter