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Needing legal services is rarely something you want to have to do, but when there is no other option we are here to help you get through your situation in the best possible way. It can be a stressful and worrying time; we will guide you as much as you’d like us to and clarify complicated issues by using language you will understand and a realistic and effective plan to support you and your circumstances.

We specialise in all aspects of business and personal legal services as well as offering tailored legal advice to core industry sectors throughout the UK.

With over 170 staff, we already advise many clients across the South East from our offices across Sussex. Come and talk to us at a location that is convenient to you.

“Many thanks again for the excellent MWB service in regard to sale & purchase of property during the last 12 months or so.” AM - September 2018

Sue Gallagher, Juliet Godfrey, Emily Haygarth & Diane Stagg, Pulborough Residential Property Team

PT - March 2021

"Finding I had the opportunity to purchase the village green in front of our house for the community, I asked a neighbour, who I knew was a qualified pharmaceutical lawyer, to recommend a competent local legal firm who could advise me on land purchase. She recommended MWB of Lewes. Although a novice in such an area, I was treated with respect and curtesy by the "front" office (over the telephone due to Covid-19 restrictions) and a qualified solicitor was selected to be my direct contact. Throughout our dealings, he was helpful, patient with my questions, tolerant of my hearing mistakes (I am nearly 80yrs old) and went on to provide me with sound professional advice which enabled my friends and I to successfully obtain the freehold of our village green. It is now secure for future generations. Thank you MWB."

Robert Trench, Solicitor - Commercial Property

"I've been very pleased with the speed and quality of your collective advice" Andrew S - April 2020

James O'Connell, Robert Trench, Commercial

“Thank you for providing us with a very good, prompt service and I will recommend you should the opportunity arise” IF - October 2018

Sue Gallagher, Juliet Godfrey, Emily Haygarth & Diane Stagg, Pulborough Residential Property Team

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