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Who will care for your child in the event of your death?

A recent Court of Appeal decision has confirmed that there is no presumption that a child should placed in the care of a biological...

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Parents beware – there can be serious consequences if you fail to comply with the terms of a Contact Order

The Court has decided that a judge had been entitled to transfer residence of a six-year-old child from his mother to his father following...

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Court terminates father’s parental responsibility

Terminating a father’s parental responsibility is not something the courts take lightly however a recent case has determined that...

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What can you do if your former partner breaches a court order for contact?

The Courts are taking breaches of contact orders more seriously. Provisions came into force on 8 December 2008. All contact orders...

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Shared Residence Orders – just another label?

We’ve heard a lot about shared residence orders in the media over the last few months but what exactly are they?  Is it just another...

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