Financial & Banking Claims

Getting financial help and banking advice is essential for all businesses and that can pose a number of challenges, particularly if the advice they receive is incorrect.

We work with many SME’s on problems they are facing. Businesses that have suffered financially as a result of negligent advice, recommendations or breaches of the Code of Conduct by banks and professionals within the financial sector.

Claims may arise from the following:-

  • Loans or mortgages
  • Investments
  • Interest rate hedging products – swaps, collars, caps etc.

 Claims may relate to:-

  • Mis-selling by your bank
  • Negligent advice by your bank or financial adviser (see claims against financial advisers).
  • Breaches of the relevant Code of Conduct and/or professional duties.

We will assess the merits of your potential claim, develop a strategy in approaching your opponent and let you know the options for pursing compensation such as litigation, negotiation, mediation and Financial Ombudsman Service.

In our current economic environment, relationships between lenders and customers can be fragile and we take this into consideration in our recommendation for the best strategy and outcome. 

For further information, please contact Karim Mohamed or submit an online query. 

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