Succession and Tax Planning

Much of the work that we carry out for clients involves the management of private wealth and its controlled devolution in a tax effective and efficient way. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have built with clients over the years and develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of the individual’s and their family’s circumstances in order to provide specialist and bespoke advice.

Planning is extremely important, as the earlier that a situation can be identified, the more opportunity there is for it to be dealt with effectively and appropriately.

Tax efficiency is often the core focus. Succession planning may involve measures as simple as making lifetime gifts or gifts out of surplus income along with having tax efficient Wills in place. Additionally, it can extend to the reorganisation of existing trusts, or the creation of brand-new ones, with advice designed to determine the destination of assets during lifetime and on death which affords our clients a degree of control and flexibility.

We pride ourselves on providing expert and reassuring advice to clients and family’s in respect of personal and financial needs from the cradle to grave in straightforward and understandable communications from meetings to letters of advice.