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Our Firm

With around 10,500 law firms in the UK, why do we think you should choose us?

We think that we are brilliant at what we do, but we would, wouldn’t we? We believe we are brilliant at what we do because that’s what our clients tell us, many of whom have used us lots of times and over many years. Our satisfaction scores average at 96.4% (there is always room for improvement).

We have been providing legal advice to the people of Sussex for over 150 years when Wynne Edwin Baxter founded the firm in Lewes. Not only did he start the best law firm in the land (in our opinion), he is reported to have conducted over 30,000 inquests. He served as Her Majesty’s Coroner from 1886 in Sussex, Middlesex, East London and the Tower of London.

He was most famous for the Jack the Ripper cases of 1888, where Wynne Baxter carried out inquests into the murders of three of the officially recognised victims and with seven others which may reasonably be added to the list of the Ripper’s victims. He also investigated the deaths of Joseph Merrick (known as the “Elephant Man”), German spies, First World War bombing fatalities, accidental deaths and murder victims.

Wynne Baxter was also the very first Mayor of Lewes, and we have always had a strong presence in the town.

From the firm’s partnership deeds, Mayo Wynne Baxter’s history involves over 15 mergers and take-overs to make up the present firm with seven offices across Sussex.

We are proud of our heritage and our strong reputation in Sussex, but we have clients based all across the globe.

Today we are considered one of the best law firms in the South East and employ over 170 people specialising in almost every area of the law. We are progressive and embrace technology that improves the service we can deliver for our clients. Without satisfied clients, we would have been long gone by now, so we strive to provide exceptional service by employing outstanding people.