Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that Mayo Wynne Baxter does not exist in isolation nor are we a firm that is simply a way of making money.

Our employees depend on our firm and our clients, suppliers and the wider local community are all affected by our firm and what we do.

We take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously and take time to understand our firm’s impact on the wider world and considering how we can make this impact as positive as possible.

We take a responsible attitude, go beyond the minimum legal requirements and follow straightforward principles to ensure that the firm’s activities leave a positive impact on our suppliers, clients, community, staff and environment.

We also show support by sponsorship and attendance of events that promote or benefit the local communities/businesses (BHA, CTFC, Sussex Cricket, Lewes Hockey Club, Pulborough Cricket Club, Storrington Bowling Club), as well as encouraging employees to support local causes.

A major aim of Mayo Wynne Baxter is to drastically reduce our paper use, we hope to eventually be a paperless business but this is a work in progress! We try to be environmentally aware and have installed automatic lighting and recycling systems are in place. We also cut down our carbon costs with locally sourced materials and services.

Charity Partnership

It is our company policy to engage with and be a part of the local communities we serve. As a firm we endeavor to support a charity that benefits the communities which support us.

Our aim as a firm is to have the biggest impact to the single charity we choose to partner with. This partnership usually lasts for a two year period, with the charity being selected by our staff. This also binds each of our offices together in the events and activities that we organise, which in turn leads to targets being reached and recognition and rewards for the teams.

Our Company Charity for 2023 - 25 is Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS) is an independent charity at
the forefront of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS).

It costs £45K per day to operate their world leading, life-saving service,
87% of their total income is raised through incredible generosity of their
supporters. KSS has dedicated the last 33 years to saving lives and providing
cutting-edge, pre-hospital critical care.

They’re a vital part of your community, your lives and your safety. KSS is
driven by their purpose of saving lives and ensuring the best possible
outcomes for their patients. Last year alone, KSS was called to respond to
over 3,200 incidents.

Our aim is to raise as much money for them as possible but also to raise their profile and show people the difference they make to patients. 

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