Probate cost calculator

Estate administration is often complex and can take a lot of time. For this reason, appointing professionals to help you from the beginning can reduce the pressures on you.  

We know one of your main concerns may be the costs for our services which is why we have created this useful calculator which is designed to give you a rough guide of our professional fees for us dealing with the most common aspects of the administration process. 

Once you have completed the calculator, please get in touch and we can arrange to make an appointment with you so our specialists can provide a more tailored quote for your particular circumstances.  We have a number of different services and pricing options so we can find the best fit for you. 

If partners in our firm are named as Executors in the Will, we will need you to get in touch with us directly and we wouldn't advise you use this calculator.


We need a little information about the person who has died. This could impact on matters such as Inheritance Tax and how their estate is to be distributed.


What did they own in their sole name?

Please enter the number of each of the following

Joint assets

What did they own jointly with other people?


Did they have any debts?

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HMRC Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax

HMRC Inheritance Tax



The fee shown is only a rough guide to our overall professional charges and we cannot cover absolutely everything in this calculator as everyone's circumstances are unique to them. We would welcome the opportunity to provide a bespoke quote.

Contact us

If the estate administration process will include any of the following we will need to talk to you before providing a more accurate estimate of our costs:

  1. Conveyancing of a property within the estate
  2. Dealing with any assets held in trust
  3. Deed(s) of Variation
  4. Overseas assets
  5. Dealing with businesses and farms
  6. Filing tax returns and negotiating values with HMRC
  7. Dealing with the establishment of any Trusts established under the Will