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Award Winners

I am sure that there will have been a few sore heads this morning after last night's Gatwick Diamond Business Awards at The Grand in Brighton. 

The Gatwick Diamond is a key economic area, which spans from Croydon down to Brighton and from Cranleigh to Tunbridge Wells and includes some 45,000 businesses. These businesses span all sectors of the economy, from household names to niche companies, and from multinationals to sole traders.

The Gatwick Diamond Business Awards are a celebration of the very best of those businesses, organisations or people who have shown innovation and inspiration in their work and have demonstrated a real commitment to this fast-developing region.

We chose to enter the Professional Services Firm of the Year category and, despite some considerable competition, we are excited to announce that we won!

Professional services support businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. People working in professional services help their clients to manage and improve their businesses, and include accountants, lawyers, architects, surveyors, engineers, etc.

This award was open to any business or practice that provides high-quality professional services to clients requiring the application of knowledge and skills developed from experience and professional qualification. Individuals within the firm would generally be members of a recognised professional body which requires that professional qualifications are maintained and enhanced through formal Continuing Professional Development.

The winner of this award has consistently delivered exceptional service to their clients, demonstrating innovation and outstanding expert knowledge in their field, whilst continuing to exhibit excellence in conforming to relevant rules and regulations.

A huge thanks to the organisers and the judges at Crawley Borough Council for this award, it is a really important recognition of the hard work and dedication of the team at MWB.

Our congratulations go out to all the other worthy winners last night.