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The Travel Industry Alliance webinar

Speaking at The Travel Industry Alliance webinar on 4th August 2021, Lee Hills, Partner and Head of Mayo Wynne Baxter LLP's Travel Group provides an overview of difficulties faced by the UK travel sector during the course of the global pandemic arising from the Package Travel Regulations and associated consumer protection legislation.

The Travel Industry Alliance, comprising a number of leading Travel Associations including LATA, ATTA, PATA and UK Inbound was formed at the beginning of 2021 in response to the challenges faced by the travel industry and exacerbated by the impact of existing consumer legislation and ongoing travel restrictions imposed by the UK Government.

Outlining how consumer protection law has disproportionality impacted on the industry and the ongoing financial viability of many travel businesses, Lee’s co-presenters consider the role that travel insurance plays in protecting the consumer, planned changes to ATOL, and the role of trusts as an alternative to other forms of financial failure protection.

For questions arising from this presentation, Lee can be contacted at