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Property Fraud Protection Tips

Property fraud protection

Property fraud is on the increase and this brief guide will give you some tips to ensure you are better protected.

  • 1 - Check your title

It’s easy to obtain a copy of the title deeds to your property by simply going to the Land Registry’s portal and paying their fee of £6.00. You will need to have an account with them but they will provide you with a copy that with show the names registered as the owners and also any mortgages and any Court Order’s that have been secured against that property.

  • 2  - Give your contact details to the Land Registry

Often the contact details the Land Registry has for a property is that property address. That is fine but not so good if you do not live there. You can register up to three contact addresses with the Land Registry including an email address so they can contact you more easily in the event of any concern the Land Registry may have.

  • 3 - Sign up for Property Alerts

The Land Registry offer a free service whereby they will notify you if there is any activity on the title of the property you register with them. It is free and you can register up to ten properties with them.

  • 4 - Register a restriction

The Land Registry will allow you to register an entry on your title for free if it is not the property occupied by you which will make it harder for a fraudster to sell or secure borrowing against your property.

If you would like to discuss any of these points please contact Simon Keeler at