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I haven’t got anything to leave

Add up roughly the value of what you have. May be it’s more than you think. Even with very modest estates there is a certain amount of paperwork which must be sorted out in order get hold of the money or to claim under a forgotten life policy. Having a professionally drawn Will makes it easier for those left behind to sort everything out.

Do you have any children? If so, don’t you want to make sure there is someone to take care of them and put this in your Will?

Everything will go to my husband/wife/partner won’t it?

If you die without a Will then the law sets out rules about who inherits what and how much. The rules may coincide with what you want to happen but maybe they don’t.  Making a Will is your chance to direct what is to happen and say who gets what and how much.

Can I get a form from a Stationer’s and write my own Will?

You can do and for very little initial cost. However, you may not know for certain whether you have complied with the legal formalities which must be followed to ensure that the document you have made is valid. Also, after you have gone problems may arise if it is not be clear from what you have written exactly what you meant. These sorts of problems may cost more for those left behind to sort out than if you had paid to have a Will professionally drawn in the first place. You can give certainty for those left behind by having your Will professionally drawn.

In addition, there may be tax implications which ought to be considered. Depending on how these affect your Estate, they may have a bearing on how your Will is drawn. Some tax burden may be minimised or relieved altogether - which is another good reason to have your Will prepared by a professional.

It costs too much.

For straightforward wills, our prices start at £205 plus VAT for a single Will and £310 plus VAT for a couple. Do look out for schemes where you may be able to obtain a Will {at a discount or} at a reduced price.  This firm currently participates in the Cancer Research Will writing scheme. However, the numbers of Wills prepared under this scheme are limited and terms and conditions apply.

Think of your Will as an insurance policy. Most people pay £300 or more for household insurance every year.  The cost of a Will is like a single insurance premium which may not need to be renewed for many years depending on whether you decide to change your will or need to update it.

For more information about making a Will, please contact our team on: 01273 477071