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Sussex Junior Mooting Competition 2019

At the end of March, Mayo Wynne Baxter took part in Sponsoring and judging the Sussex Junior Mooting Competition 2019 at the University of Sussex.

The finalists were Thomas Rylatt and Callum Parsons for the appellants and Ritu Singh and Michael Messina for the respondents. They were the final four out of over one hundred students at the start of the Mayo Wynne Baxter Junior Mooting competition.

They mooted on a case regarding the psychiatric injury of a mother during child birth and whether she can be accurately classified as a primary victim, which has become particularly prevalent with a line of recent case law.

They were judged by Chris Randall and Jonathan Porter of Mayo Wynne Baxter, alongside barrister Laura Buchan, who in fact specialises in clinical negligence and family law.

Chris Randall commented that “The students were scarily good!”

We will be keeping an eye on their progress.

The winners were Thomas Rylatt and Ritu Singh, who will have their names added to the competition shield alongside their predecessors.

Madeleine Adams-Smith was the coordinator of the Sussex Junior Mooting Competition 2019, and was a winner herself in 2018.

We enjoyed having Madeleine join us as an Intern during December 2018.