Land & Planning for Vineyards

Specialist Land and Planning Services for Vineyards & Wineries.

Through our colleagues at Marrons (who are also part of Ampa) we are able to offer our vineyard & winery clients a range of land and planning services.

Land Finding, Site Appraisal & Strategy

Finding land for vines is a major challenge. We can support the land-finding process for your viticulture project. An important first step is understanding the prospects of your site. We carry out desktop surveys and in-person site visits to assess the site and understand its potential, as well as assess the sites for any heritage and landscape constraints through local and national planning policy.

Our expertise includes:

  • Winery infrastructure
  • Energy (Biomass)
  • Worker’s accommodation
  • Community engagement
  • Rural diversification

Planning Permission

If you are considering extending your winery or adding tasting rooms or restaurants to your site, then we can help. Our planners work with you every step of the way through preparing your application to submission, drawing on expertise from our socio-economic, design, architecture, and heritage teams when required. We provide you with a strategy, documentation, and timeframe for your application, and presentations to the council and other stakeholders, guiding you through the entire process.

Our expertise includes:

  • Planning advice and strategy
  • Preparation of major and minor planning applications
  • Local plan representations
  • Heritage impact statements

Socio-Economic Evidence

For major developments, it is often appropriate to showcase the wider value of your investment and need in the local area. Our socio-economic assessments can add extra gravitas to your planning application and give it the best chance of success.

Our expertise includes:

  • Tourism benefits and production impacts on the broader industry.
  • Demographic intelligence reports and employment impacts as well as social benefits.
  • Health impact assessments, to understand any knock-on effect of your development on the health of the population in the local area.

Design & Architecture

Our design and architecture team works with you to produce high-quality designs for your project, with a clear vision and deep understanding of commercial complexities, local authority requirements, and planning strategy. This means you get masterplans and architectural designs that not only look great but are achievable and sustainable too.

Our expertise includes:

  • Vision statements and concept plans
  • Design and planning drawings of new developments
  • Detailed site layouts
  • Design and access statements

Post-decision and Planning Appeals

In the event of your application going to appeal, we provide expert advice and representation through all stages of the process. We assist with preparing your appeal, handling negotiations, and managing the timeframe for development. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Public inquiry representations
  • Preparation of Appeal Statements of Case and Cost Applications

Call our Vineyards & Wineries Team on 0800 84 94 101 if you would like to discuss any of our land and planning services. Alternatively, you can message us by clicking here.