Probate Prices

We understand how difficult and emotional it is to deal with the paperwork after losing a loved one and that probate laws can be confusing and bewildering.

We have a really friendly team of highly experienced probate specialists that can help guide you through the probate process. The amount of work involved can depend on multiple factors including the size of the estate so we have created a handy calculator to give you an indication of what our fees might be.

Probate Calculator

Here are some examples of matters with estimates of costs that take into account the following factors:

This is an example of an Estate valued at £200,000

Mrs Mayo's Will appointed two Executors, one of whom was a Mayo Wynne Baxter Partner. She had no property or shares. But she did have one bank account, one insurance, a personal pension and received state benefits.

There was only one beneficiary and it took 20 hours' work to complete the administration of her Estate from start to finish.

The billed fees were £3,700 plus VAT


This is an example of an Estate valued at £400,000

Mr Wynne Baxter's Will appointed three Executors, one of whom was a Mayo Wynne Baxter Partner.

He owned one property with his wife. He also had eleven share investments, three bank accounts and money in national savings. Mr Wynne-Baxter also had one life insurance policy, an employment pension and received state benefits.

He left his estate to his wife and it took 25 hours' work to complete the administration of his Estate from start to finish.

The billed fees were £7,000 plus VAT

The calculator may not suit your exact circumstances so feel free to give us a call on 0800 84 94 101 or use the message box (on the right) and we can provide a personalised estimate.

Grant Fees

We know some people find all the forms for probate quite daunting.  

We would be happy to help complete these for you, based on the information provided by you and we can offer a fixed fee charge. 

Where the estate is taxable or complex and form IHT400 is needed, our fees are £2,250 plus VAT for the form, 3 schedules and the probate application. 

Additional schedules (unless dealing with gifts or domicile) are charged at £50 Plus VAT per schedule.

Schedules dealing with gifts and/or domicile will be charged at the hourly rate of the relevant adviser.

Where form IHT205 for non-taxable estates is needed our fees are £950 plus VAT., and where IHT217 is also required to claim the transferable tax allowance, there is an additional fee of £150 plus VAT.

The Probate Registry charges a separate fee.