Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Our debt recovery fixed fee services ensure fluid cash flow

Our specialist debt recovery solicitors acknowledge how important it is for your business to collect unpaid debts as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Every business is entitled to payment after an invoice is raised, and often this transaction isn’t carried through or ignored altogether and that’s when we will initiate debt collection proceedings. Our responsive debt recovery services ensure that you’re paid promptly, and your day-to-day operations are unaffected. 

Our debt collection solicitors take the stress out of debt recovery

An important element of our commercial debt recovery service is that we offer both a debt recovery fixed fee service and a small claims fixed fee structure that enables you to pursue debtors with minimum expense and maximum results.

Our team of debt recovery solicitors have worked together in creating a dynamic and clear service for your business over the years. We passionately believe that throwing good money after bad is highly uneconomical, and we pride ourselves on this stance. Our team are based across the South East and service clients in and around Brighton, Lewes, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Forest Row, Gatwick, Pulborough, Seaford and Storrington.

Contact Darren Stone or William Backhouse to find out more about how we can help with your commercial cash flow.  We are on the Treasury Solicitors’ LitCat Panel and are instructed on a national basis by various government departments and agencies.

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