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Our Will services can make a difficult experience a little easier

Every Will we draft at Mayo Wynne Baxter reflects the circumstances and wishes of our clients. Our experienced Will lawyers encourage every adult to make a Will and check it regularly, particularly when their circumstances change.

Our Will writing service involves us listening to our clients and then writing a Will which reflects their personal circumstances and wishes. Once you have spoken in depth to one of our team members, we’ll do our best to ensure that your funds, property and personal belongings are passed to your chosen beneficiaries.

Professional and skilled Will writing could be the difference between your family and loved ones being catered for, or your assets being divided up in a completely arbitrary way by a set of rules laid down in a statute book. Remember, when you make a Will, it’s one of the most thoughtful and sensible acts anyone can do.

Why our Will writing services are so important to you.

There are many things you need to consider when writing a Will, but fortunately our experienced team of Will practitioners will focus on every detail and wish. Some Wills contain trusts and inheritance tax planning, include letters of wishes giving small mementos to family and friends.

When thinking about your Will a little preparation can save a lot of time. Our specialist team will discuss the following areas with you and advise how your Will would deal with them and the associated tax implications:

  • What you own, including property, personal possessions, bank accounts, insurance policies, investments and pensions. Don’t forget foreign property
  • What your possessions are worth
  • What you can give. Your Will might not be able to deal with everything you wish to give away: for example, there are restrictions on gifts of jointly owned property and foreign assets.
  • Who you want to give it to

Contact a member of our Private Client Team today to arrange an appointment at any of our offices, or alternatively at your home, work, hospital or care facility.

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A number of Legal Advisers within Mayo Wynne Baxter’s Private Client Team are Members of STEP – the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, which is a worldwide professional association for practitioners dealing with family inheritance and succession planning. The Society helps to improve public understanding of issues faced in this area and promotes education and high professional standards among its Members.

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We know that making a Will can be daunting. We have created this handy questionnaire to help you formulate your thoughts and to make sure you have all the information available so your Legal Adviser can best advise you. Please do not worry if you cannot complete any or all of the questionnaire as we will be happy to talk this through with you.

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Funeral Wishes

It is important to let family and loved ones know your wishes around your funeral. We know it's not something that everyone wants to talk about, but it will help everyone when the time comes, as they will know the type of funeral you would like to have.

 Funeral Wishes


Requests for held Wills

If we hold a Will in storage that you need to request, please follow the instructions found here:  Document Requests