Equal Marriage Survey

This spring we surveyed 800 people on their views on opening marriage up to same sex couples.

84% said they would vote in favour of equal marriage if a referendum was held tomorrow.

92% said same sex couples should be allowed to marry in religious buildings if the denomination wishes to welcome them. This includes 88% of people with religious belief.

74% of Christians said they would vote in favour of equal marriage.

59% of Christians do not see marriage as “a partnership founded in religious faith”.

89% said the Government is right to look into this in 2012.

68% said they think civil partnerships are different to marriages. Asked to pinpoint the distinction the majority view was that they are almost the same but the difference in terminology suggests same sex relationships have a lower status.

There was an even split on how far equality has come with 50% saying equality has been “mostly achieved” and 47% thinking there is “still a long way to go”.

95% of those in civil partnerships see themselves as “married in all but official name”.

Download the full results here