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Mayo Wynne Baxter offer specialised legal expertise for the Wine Industry 

At Mayo Wynne Baxter, we understand the unique legal challenges faced by vineyards and wineries in the ever-evolving UK wine industry. With our specialised legal expertise, we are committed to providing comprehensive and tailored legal solutions that protect and support your vineyard or winery business.

Why Choose us?

Industry Knowledge:

Our team of legal professionals has in-depth knowledge and experience working with vineyards and wineries. We stay up to date with the latest regulations and trends in the UK wine industry and all viticulture and vinification sectors ensuring that we provide you with the most relevant and effective legal advice.

Comprehensive Services:

We are part of Ampa and can offer services to address the diverse needs of vineyards and wineries. As well as award-winning legal services, through the group we can also provide planning, business consultancy, cyber security, and debt & asset recovery.  

Personalised Approach:

We understand that every vineyard and winery is unique. That's why we take the time to listen, understand your specific legal concerns, and tailor our services to meet your individual requirements. We provide personalised attention and practical solutions that align with your business goals.

Proven Track Record:

With a strong track record of successfully serving vineyards and wineries, we have built a reputation for delivering results. Our clients trust us to handle their legal matters with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion.

How We Can Help

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If you are seeking expert legal advice tailored to the unique needs of your vineyard or winery, Mayo Wynne Baxter is here to help. Contact our Head of Vineyards & Wineries Team, James O’Connell and discover how our specialised legal services can support and protect your wine business. Or contact our team by clicking here.