International Law

Multilingual lawyers providing legal services for all your international requirements.

Mayo Wynne Baxter offers a range of international services at the highest level of quality and professionalism.

We assist clients based in the UK with their overseas property affairs, in particular Spain and France, as well as international clients with business and personal interests in the UK.

Our staff has extensive language skills, including Dutch, French, Gujarati, Portuguese, Rumanian and Spanish.

Our core areas are as follows:

  • Spanish Legal Services
  • French Property law services
  • UK Business Law for Spanish companies
  • UK Business Law for French companies

International Legal Services

Our international property services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. They include:

Buying and selling

  • Instructing estate agents and advising on estate agency agreements
  • Advice on important things to think about before buying or selling
  • Comprehensive reporting on ownership and contractual issues, title and planning
  • Negotiating and amending international property contracts
  • Arranging and witnessing powers of attorney
  • Reviewing and reporting on international title deeds
  • Advising on international tax liabilities and ongoing financial commitments

Resolving disputes

  • Advice on resolving international property disputes
  • Registering charges on overseas property
  • Transferring property following divorce or buying out co-owners

 Planning estates

  • Advice on structuring the ownership of an overseas purchase
  • Post purchase inheritance advice
  • Foreign Wills
  • Advice on marriage contracts where possible (SCIs and PACS in France for example)
  • International tax advice, including wealth tax, gift tax and inheritance tax

Distributing estates

  • Administering estates with overseas assets
  • Certificates of English law (for recognition overseas)
  • Certificates of foreign law (for UK Grant of Probate)

Professional support

In addition to our other services, professional clients regularly ask us to

  • Provide expert opinions
  • Arrange title searches
  • Secure international assets
  • Carry out comprehensive due diligence on projects and partners
  • Draft and advise on commercial agreements

Entreprises françaises

Mayo Wynne Baxter LLP – un cabinet d’avocats au service des sociétés françaises

Comment pouvons-nous vous aider?

D’abord être à votre écoute permettre nos équipes de vous fournir une solution rapide et adapté aux besoins particuliers de votre entreprise.  Quel que soit votre projet ou besoin nous nous efforçons de vous fournir un service exceptionnel au prix juste.

Notre expérience et nos prestations sont conçus pour les PME's à qui nous fournissons un service efficace de haute gamme à des prix toujours raisonnables, et ceci grâce à notre situation géographique stratégique (en dehors de Londres).  Nous conseillons nos clients dans leur activité sur le marché Britannique.  Que soit l’assistance demandée nous sommes contents de mettre à la disposition des entreprises françaises nos prestations et compétences.

Ensemble, plus fort

Fondé en 2007 par la fusion de deux cabinets d’avocats, Mayo Wynne Baxter LLP est l’un des principaux cabinets d’avocats sur la côte sud-est d'Angleterre à proximité de l'aéroport de Londres (Gatwick), de l'Eurotunnel et des ports maritimes de Newhaven (Dieppe) et Portsmouth (Le Havre, Caen, Cherbourg).

Notre taille : avec un effectif de plus de 160 personnes, dont parmi eux 45 avocats, tous travaillant en équipe dans des domaines spécialisés, nous permettons d’offrir à votre entreprise, votre famille et vos employés une gamme de prestations juridiques complète.  Parmi nos prestations pour les sociétés :

  • Droit des sociétés
  • Droit commercial
  • Propriété intellectuelle
  • Droit immobilier
  • Droit du travail
  • Recouvrement des dettes
  • Contentieux commercial
  • Médiation commerciale
  • Faute professionnelle

Du fait de nombreux clients dans certains secteurs nous avons créés plusieurs pôles d’expertise y compris MACI (pour les médias et les industries créatives), Travel (pour les tour-opérateurs), Rural Business and Property (pour les agriculteurs) et Leisure (pour les industries de loisirs et hôtellerie).

Assurance qualité

Nous sommes l’un des rares cabinets d’avocats en Angleterre à avoir été accrédité label Lexcel. Lexcel est la marque de qualité développée par la  Law Society of England & Wales » (l’organisation professionnelle des avocats en Angleterre et Pays de Galles).

Nous sommespersuadés que la qualité de nos services juridique se trouve dans la qualité de notre personnel.  Nous sommes fiers d’avoir été homologué par le gouvernement Britannique le label “Investor in People” (promotion et développement du personnel).

Parmi nos équipes nous avons plusieurs avocats qui parlent couramment français et quelques un qui ont travaillé et vécu plusieurs années en France en tant que gérants des sociétés françaises.

Legal services for Spanish speaking companies

How can we help?

There are many international companies wishing to expand their business into the UK, either due to the financial instability of their own country or simply their own interest of going international.

There may be some barriers including the language, but also the numerous regulations in place in the UK which may differ from those of the company.

Our legal advisers have a wealth of experience in helping businesses trade in the UK. They are conscious that there may be language barriers that may deter a company from taking steps forward into the international arena. Our aim is to assist companies with any international plans they may have and minimise any barriers to make trading in the UK possible.

You will be dealing with English lawyers who speak your language. Some of them are of Spanish/Hispanic nationality and will fully understand the culture and the concerns you may have when starting out with your overseas venture.

We aim to develop a long-lasting relationship with all our clients and will endeavour to provide an individual service which fits your needs. Client satisfaction is a big priority so we will always strive to achieve a smooth and efficient handling of any case presented to us at high quality and with professionalism.

The strategic location of our offices outside London allows us to offer our services at a very competitive price. Moreover, the proximity to London, less than an hour away, also allows us to provide a personalised service to any company in London.

Overall, stronger

Our firm employs over 200 people spread across six offices who all work in specialised teams. Some of our lawyers speak several languages and are also legally qualified in other countries, which enables us to optimise a better, more personalised service on an international level.

Some examples of the services we may be able to provide are as follows:

Advice for your business plans for the UK

Mergers and acquisitions joint ventures

Agency, distribution and franchise arrangements

The drafting and negotiating of your commercial contracts

Protection of your intellectual property

Data protection law

Employment law

Buying or leasing business premises

Resolving commercial disputes

Debt collection

We have many other areas of expertise, so please contact us to discuss your individual case with no obligation. We are keen to know about your plans and will provide our initial estimates for any services you may require.

Quality Assurance

We are one of the few firms in England to be accredited LEXCEL label. LEXCEL is the quality mark developed by the Law Society of England and Wales.

The quality of our legal services has also been awarded. We have been given the label of “Investors in People” by the British government.

You can have peace of mind and the assurance that our lawyers will do their best to assist you.

Contact Carmen Calvo-Couto in the International Team at Mayo Wynne Baxter today, for a free no-obligation consultation.