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Working for you through COVID-19

Like many businesses, we are constantly assessing the ongoing COVID-19 situation and looking at how we can ensure that our clients and staff are safe whilst continuing to deliver our services.

We have taken a series of decisions including closing our offices and asking staff to work remotely from home and we have continued to provide an exceptional service and deliver the outcomes our clients need using technology such as video conferencing to reduce the need for physical contact.

As previous updates have mentioned, we have fortunately invested heavily in our IT infrastructure, communications and practice management technology and have been able to work in an agile manner for some time. We operate a virtual network and have a range of communication platforms available to us. This means that although our physical offices may be closed, we are very much open for business.

As well as closing the offices we have also considered the continuing pandemic and its impact on the economy and have had to take the difficult decision to place some of our people on furlough.  By doing this we are doing all we can to safeguard our jobs and the future of our firm. This does mean that some clients may find that a different legal advisor looks after their matter but we will be in touch with them directly to explain that in more detail.

We have also taken the decision to seal the letterboxes at our offices so you will not be able to drop off documents to us. As the offices will be unmanned, we do not want your important documents to be left unattended so we ask that any correspondence should be sent via Royal Mail to:

Mayo Wynne Baxter
3 Bell Lane
East Sussex

Further help

Our legal teams are publishing blogs to help explain the impact of the current situation on matters such as moving home, powers of attorney and Wills which can be found on our Resources page as well as some short videos on our YouTube Channel. 

We have also published the direct dial telephone numbers for many of our staff on our website ( and you can also send messages directly to them through their profile pages.

If you have any further queries at all then please contact our client service team on 0800 84 94 101 or by email but rest assured we are still here to help.