Spanish Property

Our legal advice is as fluent as our Spanish speaking solicitors.

The Spanish Team at Mayo Wynne Baxter has first hand experience and knowledge of the Spanish and English legal systems, and how they interact. If you or your clients need assistance in relation to a Spanish matter, our expert, bilingual team will provide practical advice in plain English and ensure your affairs get dealt with quickly and cost effectively.

Expert property advice

Our Spanish Property team have lived and worked in Spain over many years, and enjoy established relationships with Spanish estate agents, developers, banks, lawyers, notaries and tax officials. The team’s advice on how best to deal with Spanish property and property-related issues is specialist and based on extensive experience.

We advise on property related matters including:

  • Purchases, including off-plan purchases and property development
  • Sales
  • Mortgages
  • Other property transfers eg. in relation to divorce proceedings, buying out co-owners, debts, other forms of dispute
  • Removal of charges
  • Resolving property disputes in relation to debts, mortgage arrears or other forms of dispute
  • Property taxes such as Plusvalίa, IBI, ITP, AJD, CGT, 3% retention applicable to non-resident property owners on completion of sale
  • Repossession proceedings
  • Correcting title information or cadastral records
  • Regularisation

Spanish Inheritance advice

We advise on inheritance related matters including:

  • Signing a Spanish Will in the UK or in Spain
  • All inheritance matters including in cases of intestacy
  • Tax planning
  • Spanish inheritance and gift tax
  • Gifts
  • Disclaiming an inheritance
  • Resolving inheritance disputes
  • Reclaiming overpayments of inheritance tax
  • Inheritance tax disputes

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Resolving Spanish disputes

Our dual qualified and bilingual litigation team has many years experience working with matters involving international cross-border disputes. We understand the difficulties individuals and/or companies can encounter when dealing with different jurisdictions, different language and also different cultures. We have experience in assisting clients overcoming these difficulties and bringing their case to a satisfactory conclusion. We will give you clear advice on where you stand, what your options are, including advice in relation to costs and timescales.

In particular, we will be able to advise in matters, for example, relating to:

  • Issues of jurisdiction and applicable law;
  • Accident claims and insurance matters (i.e. accident abroad claims, travel, marine and aviation claims);
  • Property disputes;
  • Debt Recovery claims;
  • Contract/banking disputes

Spanish Commercial/Corporate Legal Services

We will be able to assist you in commercial and corporate matters in Spain. We can assist you with your commercial transactions, whether you wish to start trading in Spain or set up a branch there, or just negotiate terms of a contract with a Spanish company.

We have a broad network of Spanish and Spanish speaking contacts and therefore are also able to assist in finding the right professional to your needs.

Contact Carmen Calvo-Couto in the Spanish Commercial and Litigation team at Mayo Wynne Baxter today, for a free no obligation consultation.