Wills, Trusts & Estates Disputes

We all need to plan for our future and even our death, it’s not really something we want to think about but it is always better and kinder to family members to have things in place before it’s too late.

Making a will is the best way to ensure that your money, property and personal belongings are distributed as you wish after your death. However, sometimes things can go wrong. It can be very upsetting and confusing, but we are here to simplify the process and get things back in order with you.

We are aware at how sensitive your case is, will disputes, probate disputes, and inheritance disputes are stressful to deal with. Our team will simplify the process and give you all your options. The law in this area is complex and we have expert knowledge to resolve all kinds of disputes.

It is a difficult time for anyone who has a dispute, often involving family members; we explain the process and your options and are with you at every stage. If there is an alternative to litigation, such as mediation, that enable disputes to be settled more cheaply and privately than through the courts, we will give you that option.

We act on behalf of executors, administrators, beneficiaries and dependents, for all aspects; for example, challenges to the validity of a will, inheritance Act claims, challenges to the appointment of executors and more.