Resolving Disputes

Disputes are not ever something that we want to have, but when there is an issue that can’t be sorted out easily, we are here to help! And we have a great team, who have years of experience behind them and are still learning new skills.

We know that every dispute is different so we take the time to understand your issue and provide clear advice on the best way of getting the resolution you want. We are on your side and will support you at all times.

We have handled a wide range of disputes, including those relating to property disputes, debt recovery, inheritance disputes and negligence. Our growing team also incorporates our specialist insurance litigation, debt recovery, professional negligence and mediation teams.

Dispute advice is only a phone call away – 0800 84 94 101

Our experience is diverse, specialised and personal to you. You will understand the process of any court procedure or other litigation proceedings which may be required, taking away the fear and giving you back control.

Call our team today and let us start helping you resolve your dispute with the minimum of fuss.