Inheritance Disputes

No one ever wants to be in dispute, especially in a sensitive matter like inheritance, but sometimes when things have gone wrong, or something seems unfair, we can help to sort it out.

We are mindful that contested probate cases are sensitive, particularly when family members are in dispute. We make sure all we know all the facts and will then work with you to develop a clear plan of action and keeping information, costs and next steps transparent. There are sometimes alternatives to litigation, such as mediation, which may enable disputes to be settled more cheaply and privately than through the courts.

We can help you with many different circumstances, including the following:

- A close family member of the deceased, or someone else who was financially dependent on the deceased, has not been adequately provided for in a Will

- There was no Will and the intestacy rules fail to provide for a close relative or a dependent

- It is believed that the Will does not express the writer’s wishes, either because of undue influence, or it is thought that the person making the Will was not of sound mind

- Someone was promised an inheritance, which hasn’t transpired but there may still be a claim if this promise was relied on

- The Will may be invalid because of errors made by a solicitor, or problems with a Will that was made without a solicitor

- The Will may be a fraud

- There are concerns about executors or trustees who may need to be replaced

- A claim is being brought against you in relation to your administration of an estate and you need help defending it.

- After contributing to the improvement of a property, which has been inherited by someone else, you want to claim an interest in the value of the improvement

- There are concerns about how powers of attorney are being used

Call us today to resolve you dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Court proceedings are only used as a last resort and at all times you will be guided through every step of the legal process.