What is Law2Law?

Law2Law is a referral and support network which helps local law firms work together for the benefit of their clients whilst at the same time providing a wide range of benefits to its members.

Should your client require advice on an area of law not covered by you, you may refer that matter (subject to a written non-poaching commitment) to us for our assistance and/or advice.

We offer you the following membership benefits:

1. There is no joining or membership fee.

2. A written non-poaching commitment from us.

3. “Extra Corridor” You will have access to our lawyers (including those that do the same type of work as you) to ask for a second opinion or advice on difficult matters - just like having a colleague just along the corridor.

4. Referrals to you: We occasionally receive referrals where we cannot act. We refer all such matters to our member firms. All legally aided matters referred from our members are referred back to other member firms that deal with this work. With nearly all such referrals, we ask for no referral fee in return.

You will never have to refer a client away at the risk of losing your client where you cannot advise on a particular matter. The scheme is designed to help you to keep your client and to extend the level of service you provide. The benefits of membership are available, immediately.

Law2Law is free to join and free to leave with no membership fee. There are no obligations, tie-ins or notice periods and the network operates with a clear 'non-poaching' agreement.