Case Studies

How we have helped a few of our clients

Mr S

Mr S died without a Will. He had one known cousin, who knew of a few others. After instructing a genealogist to trace the family tree we located over 20 relatives who shared the estate.

The estate was quite extensive, and contained several shareholdings which grew in value during the administration. We successfully transferred the shares to the beneficiaries before selling them to use their own tax allowances so that no capital gains tax was paid.

One of the beneficiaries, Mr M sadly died within two years of Mr S. We redirected Mr M's share of Mr S's estate to his own charitable beneficiaries, and reclaimed over £47,000 in inheritance tax, which was shared between Mr S's other beneficiaries and Mr M's charities.

Mr K

Mr K died without a Will. He was born overseas, but had a business and property in Brighton. His relatives and business manager argued with Mr K's only son and there was a danger of them harming the estate. We obtained an emergency court order allowing us to protect his assets. We arranged for the house to be secured and then sold, and wound up the business whilst successfully defending a claim by Mr K's foreign relatives for a share of that business.

Mr W

Mr W was divorced from his first wife with whom he had two children. His second wife was about to divorce him. He died without a Will. A dispute arose about who should deal with his estate, and how it should be divided.

He had complicated share options from his employer which needed to be exercised overseas within a particular timescale. With less than 24-hours until the deadline, we secured agreement on all sides, arranged for a court order to allow for the parties' solicitors to take control and then exercised the options (including an emergency trip to London to get documents legalised at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office), preserving the benefit for the estate. We then worked with overseas advisers to ensure that all taxes were paid before bringing the money into this country.

At the same time we represented Mr W's second wife in her negotiations with Mr W's other family members about the division of his estate.

Mrs K

Mr and Mrs K were downsizing and contracts had been exchanged on their sale and purchase. Mrs K died three weeks before the completion date. We made an emergency application to the court to allow completion on both the sale and purchase to take place ensuring that everyone moved on the agreed date.

Mrs B

Shortly after Mrs B died over £1000 was withdrawn from her bank accounts. We filed a police report and have successfully claimed a refund from one bank, and are in discussion with the other to have the money returned.

Miss E

Miss E could not decide which charities should benefit from her Will and so put off making her Will. After a long discussion we drafted a Will allowing her executors to decide how to divide her estate. The executors then took great care in dividing her estate between charitable organisations and causes dear to Miss E's heart, ensuring that no unnecessary inheritance tax was paid.

Mrs G

Mrs G and her second husband made Wills in England. They made a contract to leave everything to each other, then split the survivor's estate between all their children. Mr G died, and Mrs G moved overseas. Mrs G made a new Will overseas and wrote to her English solicitors to destroy her old Will, which they did.

When Mrs G died we discovered a copy of the old Will and the contract with Mrs G's husband. We applied for a court order allowing us to use the old Will which should never have been destroyed, and then successfully claimed our costs from the solicitors who wrongly destroyed it.