Practical support for you following injury - Not just compensation

While financial compensation is clearly the key objective of any personal injury claim we are also very aware that practical support with a number of aspects can be crucial in relieving some of the more serious consequences of injury. With this in mind we have established special relationships with other service providers to assist our clients and to ensure that in appropriate circumstances they receive practical and specialist support they need.

Urgent practical needs assessment

We can arrange for a leading provider of Case Management, Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Services to carry out, free of charge, an urgent practical needs assessment and then report on the immediate needs of clients who have suffered brain or other serious injuries.  This report may help identify steps that can be taken to secure therapy to assist rehabilitation or other practical measures to support the injured person and their family. The report may also provide the basis for further negotiations with the Defendant to secure from the Defendant either practical or financial assistance in meeting the needs identified.

Financial and welfare benefits advice

We can also arrange for a leading Financial Adviser to assist in relation to financial and welfare benefits issues. The Financial Adviser will provide a welfare benefits assessment, free of charge, to clients who have suffered brain or other serious injuries and their family. This may assist in identifying the welfare benefits to which they may be entitled. Where appropriate the  Financial Adviser can also assist in the process of claiming welfare benefits from an initial application through (if necessary) to any appeal process.

Case Management

People who have suffered serious injury and their families may need long term support in dealing with a whole range of practical issues. The appointment of a Case Manager can sometimes be vital in providing and securing that support. Case managers may assist by dealing with a whole range of issues such as:

  • Identifying and recruiting appropriate therapy
  • recruiting and managing carers to provide care for the injured person
  • dealing with statutory authorities to secure state funded equipment and services
  • liaising with private therapists and experts to identify and secure equipment and services such as wheelchairs, physiotherapy etc
  • liaising with education authorities in relation to statements of special educational needs
  • taking other steps to ensure the welfare of the injured person.

We can assist you in identifying and recruiting a case manager in appropriate cases.


In very serious cases the severity of the injuries suffered may be such that the Claimant is not going to have the mental capacity to manage their financial affairs. In that type of case we can either provide assistance in securing the appointment of a family member as Deputy, In other cases we have members of the firm who can accept appointment as Deputy and in that capacity manage the injured person’s  financial affairs.

Representation at Inquests

In cases where the injuries have proved fatal the bereaved family may need representation at an Inquest in order to properly investigate the circumstances of the death. Representation at Inquests is another service we can provide.

Help in dealing with the press

Some personal injury claims can generate press interest. This can be a daunting prospect for some clients. Again we can provide specialist advice and assistance in handling press and public relations issues.

Please contact us if you would like any further details of the assistance we can offer.

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