Maternity Law

Ensure your business understands maternity leave rights

The Employment Team at Mayo Wynne Baxter realises how important it is for employers to fully understand maternity leave law and can assist you managing maternity leave amongst your staff.

Over 700,000 women in the UK fall pregnant each year in the UK, and the majority of these are working professionals. Your business needs to understand the needs and entitlements of your staff, so it’s imperative that you are completely coherent with maternity employment law.

Our dedicated team will help you understand maternity leave rights

You need to be familiar with what your employees are entitled to, and how maternity rights can potentially affect your short and long term operations. Maternity law doesn’t need to be detrimental to your business, as long as you have the right policies and procedures in place.

Although you may have a grasp on maternity rights, we believe it’s essential that you have a full understanding of the guidelines surrounding the law on maternity, so your business can prepare for any changes to your staff and teams.

Contact the Employment Team today for an extensive breakdown of maternity leave rights and to arrange an appointment to discuss maternity leave in your business.