Workplace Discrimination

Employment law advice- understanding discrimination in the workplace

The Employment Team at Mayo Wynne Baxter appreciates that discrimination in the workplace is a sensitive issue and businesses must promote equality and diversity in order to avoid a claim to the Employment Tribunal. As an employer, you are responsible for preventing employment discrimination and to make sure your staff are treated fairly and equally.

The various employment discrimination laws highlight a number of grounds employers need to be aware of, such as sex, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender, religious belief and martial status. If you are aware that workplace discrimination has occurred in your business, or if you do not have the relevant policies and procedures to promote quality and diversity, you will need to act quickly and seek advice from an employment law expert.

Employment discrimination law- why you need to understand the law

Our team of employment discrimination lawyers know that the majority of businesses actively tackle workplace discrimination but acknowledge that sometimes it can occur.

Employment discrimination is an area which no business or employer can afford to ignore. As a business owner, manager, or employee; you are all responsible for being vigilant in your working environment and in ensuring that discrimination or unfair treatment does not take place. The costs involved in defending a workplace discrimination claim are high, not only in financial terms, but in relation to reputational damage and the loss of staff morale.

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