Damage to ureter during hysterectomy

Our client underwent a radical hysterectomy following a diagnosis of cervical cancer. During the hysterectomy she sustained damage to one of her ureters and it was alleged that this damage was as a result of negligence during surgery. It was further alleged that there was negligence in her subsequent urological treatment in that a stent was inserted (and later replaced) into the ureter when this was not necessary; that the stent was retained in the ureter for an inappropriate length of time; and our client developed repeated infections as a result.

Further negligence was alleged in respect of a failure to screen for infection prior to various procedures to change the ureteric stent. On one occasion, as a result of the failure to screen for infection, our client suffered a life threatening septicaemia for which she required prolonged treatment in Intensive Care.

As a result of the alleged negligence our client suffered unnecessary physical injury which had more or less settled at the time of settlement and psychological injury. Following the issue of proceedings an out of court settlement was agreed in the sum of £57,500.