Failure to diagnose ovarian cyst causing miscarriage

Our client attended hospital with severe abdominal pain when she was 20 weeks pregnant. As a result of a negligent failure to properly investigate the cause of her pain by way of ultrasound scan an ovarian cyst went undiagnosed for four days. As a result of the delay in diagnosis and subsequent surgical intervention our client’s right fallopian tube and ovary had to be removed. She also had to undergo a much more complicated surgical procedure than would otherwise have been the case and the extent of bleeding sustained during surgery led to a miscarriage on the following morning.

Negligence in respect of the four day delay in diagnosis was eventually admitted. Investigations carried out during the course of the claim confirmed that our client’s remaining fallopian tube was unobstructed and that it would be possible for her to naturally conceive in the future. Expert evidence confirmed that our client had suffered a significant psychiatric disorder over and above an ordinary grief reaction. A settlement of £24,500 was agreed.

Psychiatric injury

As a result of the death of her child, our client suffered with a significant psychiatric injury. An early admission of liability and causation was made by the Trust. Our client was seen by a psychiatric expert. A settlement was agreed of £17,500.

Hospital negligence

Our client was a young woman who was admitted to hospital with her first pregnancy. The allegations against the hospital included a failure to monitor the deliver; if there had been proper monitoring, the deterioration and distress of the baby would have been identified and he would have been born much sooner. He would then have survived.