Spinal cord injury

Delayed diagnosis of spinal TB infection

Our client brought a claim on the basis that there had been a negligent delay in diagnosing his spinal TB infection. We secured an admission from the Defendant that the infection should have been diagnosed six months earlier, but the Defendant Trust obtained expert evidence to the effect that even if the diagnosis had been made at an earlier stage our client’s disability would have been identical. We argued that earlier diagnosis would probably have avoided the subsequent spinal collapse and the associated disability suffered by our client. The Defendant argued that the spinal collapse would have happened in any event. These issues remained hotly contested throughout the case, which concluded with an out of court settlement in the sum of £150,000.

Delayed diagnosis of infection

We secured £950,000 for our client (aged 63) who was left severely disabled and wheelchair bound as a result of a negligent failure to diagnose a spinal infection. He retains some function in his upper body, but requires significant assistance with day to day living.