Psychiatric / Psychological Injury

Cremation of child without parental consent

At settlement has been reached in a case involving psycholgical injury to parents to learning that their son had been cremated without their knowledge or consent. The compensation reflected the additional psychological injury caused to both parents and an award for their ongoing therapy costs.

Negligent care causes baby's death

We have recovered the sum of £48,000 for a couple who lost their baby when he was 4 days old as a result of negligent care at the time of his birth. The compensation reflected their psychological injury and loss of earnings.

Negligent performance of hysterectomy

Our client pursued a claim for the negligent failure to completely remove her cervix during a total abdominal hysterectomy. As a result of the negligence she had to undergo emergency removal of the cervix, after which she suffered significant complications requiring further extensive surgery. The complications of surgery endangered our client’s life and, in addition to the physical injury, our client suffered post traumatic stress disorder and depression. She was unable to return to work and required treatment for her psychiatric symptoms.

Agreed settlement: £54,523

Delayed diagnosis of adenoid cystic carcinoma

We recovered £80,000 for delayed diagnosis of an adenoid cystic carcinoma between December 1997 and May 2001. By this time, the carcinoma had reached Stage III. Had our Client been diagnosed in December 1997, the tumour would have been a borderline Stage I/II. Our Client had to undergo a right total parotidectomy which caused facial nerve damage resulting in cosmetic disfigurement causing moderately severe psychological damage. Had the correct diagnosis been following examination in December 1997, she would probably have avoided the need for a total parotidectomy and only required a superficial parotidectomy which would have avoided nerve damage and facial disfigurement.