Fatal claims

Failure to diagnose hypertension and prevent heart attack

The Team acted for the family of a Congolese man who sadly died from a heart attack which it was alleged should have been prevented by earlier diagnosis and treatment of the deceased’s hypertension. Judgment was secured and Compensation of £200,000 was agreed. Allowance had to be made for the deceased’s medical history which included glaucoma causing blindness in one eye and heart disease. It was agreed that his life expectancy would have been reduced by about 10 years in any event.

6-month delay in diagnosis of bowel cancer

The Team secured compensation of £20,000 for an Eastbourne widower following the successful conclusion of his claim relating to the death of his wife, aged 57. It was alleged that the bowel cancer from which his wife died should have been diagnosed some 6 months earlier and although it was accepted that death from the cancer was sadly inevitable it was alleged that earlier diagnosis would have prolonged her life. Liability was denied and there was argument about whether and by how long the deceased’s life would have been extended following earlier diagnosis. The case concluded about 2 months before trial.

Cervical Cancer-delay in diagnosis

We acted for a widower where his wife had sadly died due to delay in diagnosis of cervical cancer. They had 2 young children. Damages were recovered of £310,000. The case was funded by a Conditional Fee Agreement.


We acted for the widow of a man who died following the negligent management of a mole on his back. The GP was negligent when removing the mole, and the consequence of this was that the mole could not be examined properly at the pathology department. The diagnosis of a malignant melanoma was not made. We recovered £150,000 damages for our client.