Drug administration

Gentamycin toxicity

We acted for a client with cystic fibrosis who suffered permanent damage to his vestibular function as a result of Gentamycin toxicity. The medication had been appropriately prescribed initially for a chest infection but it was alleged that there was a negligent failure to properly monitor the level of the medication in our client’s blood. Liability was denied throughout. The Defendant also denied that our client was entitled to a claim for the loss of the opportunity to pursue a career as a footballer, arguing that his cystic fibrosis would have made this impossible anyway. This remained a live issue at the time of settlement for £50,000.

Negligent drug administration

We recovered damages of £10,465 for a young child who suffered an injury shortly after her delivery. A BCG vaccine was given which resulted in a swelling on the child’s thigh. An abscess developed. Further medical treatment was required. She had an unpleasant indented scar. It was established that the vaccination was given by someone who was not qualified to give it. It was injected intramuscularly when it should have been injected intra-dermally. This resulted in a significant cosmetic defect.