6-month delay in diagnosis of bowel cancer

The team secured compensation of £20,000 for an Eastbourne widower following the successful conclusion of his claim relating to the death of his wife, aged 57. It was alleged that the bowel cancer from wh

Delayed diagnosis of adenoid cystic carcinoma

We recovered £80,000 for delayed diagnosis of an adenoid cystic carcinoma between December 1997 and May 2001. By this time, the carcinoma had reached Stage III. Had our Client been diagnosed in December 1997, the tumour would have been a borderline Stage I/II. Our Client had to undergo a right total parotidectomy which caused facial nerve damage resulting in cosmetic disfigurement causing moderately severe psychological damage. Had the correct diagnosis been following examination in December 1997, she would probably have avoided the need for a total parotidectomy and only required a superficial parotidectomy which would have avoided nerve damage and facial disfigurement.

Delay in diagnosis

We were instructed to act for a client who was diagnosed with cancer of the neck. There was a delay in diagnosis of the cancer of around 3 months which meant that our client underwent much more radical surgery and required chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She had an injury to her shoulder caused by the extensive nature of the surgery that she needed. Her case was settled for £200,000.

Delay in diagnosis

We acted for a client who underwent radical surgery following a diagnosis of cancer of the vulva. We were initially instructed to investigate whether there was a delay in diagnosis of the cancer. A histopathologist was instructed and his opinion was that the biopsy result from which the diagnosis of cancer was made, had been misinterpreted and our client almost certainly did not require such radical surgery and could have been treated conservatively. Damages were recovered for our client of £42,000.

Skin Cancer

We acted for the widow of a man who died following the negligent management of a mole on his back. The GP was negligent when removing the mole, and the consequence of this was that the mole could not be examined properly at the pathology department. The diagnosis of a malignant melanoma was not made. We recovered £150,000 damages for our client.Failure to act on histology reportAs a result of negligence, our client underwent major surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer of the neck. If the relevant histology report had been properly considered diagnosis would have been made and our client would only have required a minor operation. As a consequence of the negligence, she suffers with severe pain and injury to her left arm which affects her on a day to day basis.

Agreed damages £150,000.

Delayed diagnosis of leukemia

We have recovered £585,000 damages where there was a delay in the diagnosis of leukaemia by an NHS Trust which had catastrophic consequences for our client. He is profoundly disabled by his injuries.