Birth Injury

Negligent delivery

We secured a full admission of liability and causation in a case involving injury at birth which left our client with cerebral palsy. We have since been able to obtain a substantial interim payment, enabling our client’s family to appoint a case manager, purchase equipment and buy a new property. This has significantly improved their quality of life whilst they await a final settlement which is likely to be worth several million pounds. A partner from within the department has been appointed as professional receiver.

Negligence at the time of birth

Our client suffered cerebral palsy as a result of the negligent management of his birth. The negligence left him profoundly disabled with very limited movement and impairment of the development of his speech. However, his intellect was preserved and he has proved to be very bright. As a result of his profound physical injuries he will require care for the rest of his life. He also requires a range of aids and appliances, alternative accommodation with adaptations and technology assistance to enable hims to cope with his disability.

Agreed damages £1,500,000