Accident and Emergency Medicine

Below the knee amputation following missed diagnosis

We successfully brought a claim on behalf of a client on the basis of a negligent failure on the part of an A&E doctor to recognise the signs of critical ischaemia (blocked circulation) in our client’s leg. It was argued that if the signs of critical ischaemia had been identified, the below the knee amputation which our client required about a month later would have been avoided. Although the Defendant Trust eventually accepted that the signs of critical ischaemia should have been identified by the Accident & Emergency doctor, it was argued by the Trust that the need for a below the knee amputation would have arisen in any event. The Trust also argued, through its lawyers, that even if the need for amputation had been avoided at that particular time our client’s condition was such that an amputation would have been required within about two years in any event. These matters remained very much at issue throughout the case. Although court proceedings had to be issued the case finally concluded before trial with a settlement of £293,000.

Failure to monitor - fall from A&E trolley sustaining severe brain injury

We successfully recovered a significant sum of compensation for a gentleman who sustained a severe brain injury when he fell from a trolley in an A&E department as a result of inadequate care/monitoring.

Failure of A&E Department

We settled a case for a client where the A & E department failed to act on a blood test that had been taken from our client. If the A & E department had kept our client in hospital whilst they awaited the result of the blood test, then he would have been diagnosed with leukaemia and treatment immediately provided. The delay in diagnosis resulted in serious and permanent injuries for him. His case settled for £585,000.