Inquest Representation Service

Our clinical negligence specialists have extensive experience of representing bereaved families at Coroners’ Inquests into deaths occurring in a healthcare setting or following medical treatment. The Inquest will inevitably involve consideration of circumstances which are extremely distressing and, in addition, the complex medical and legal considerations make it a daunting and stressful prospect. 

Our team of specialist lawyers are experienced in making an unavoidably difficult process as manageable as possible and, importantly, they will ensure that there is a full investigation of the difficult questions about how the death came about. The Inquest can also be used, in certain cases, as a means of ensuring that similar deaths are prevented in the future. 

Public funding (legal aid) is only very rarely available for representation at an Inquest and it is therefore likely that the following alternative funding arrangements will need to be considered: 

- Private funding: In privately funded cases we will agree a fixed fee to ensure that there is certainty about our fees at the outset. 

- Insurance: Occasionally funding for representation at an Inquest will be available through a pre-existing legal expenses insurance policy.

- Conditional Fee Agreement: (CFA):  In certain circumstances we may agree to act under a CFA.

We will discuss your funding options in detail at an initial meeting, which we offer free of charge. 

For further information regarding our Inquest representation services please contact John Lingwood.