Time Limits

Time limits are crucial bearing in mind the following:-

1 Claims against professionals. If you do not apply within statutory time limits you will lose the chance to pursue a claim.  In most cases you have six years within which to lodge court proceedings.  There are provisions which allow you to lodge court proceedings three years from the date you found out about your professionals’ negligence, but all these provisions are complicated and should not be relied upon because it will depend on the facts of the case.  In essence working out time limits can be difficult and it is therefore important that you talk to a solicitor if you discover that you may have a claim.

2 If you are challenging fees raised by your solicitor then you may be able to successfully challenge the solicitor’s bill. However the time limits here are very strict again and it is important that you take urgent advice on the nature of the case on which costs were incurred.  There may be a situation where the costs estimate given by the solicitors may have been exceeded.  Again, you have various remedies on which you must take legal advice.

3 You may be complaining about the service provided by your professional - however each professional body has it own time limits.  For complaints against solicitors in respect of the service provided must be brought to the attention of the Legal Ombudsman for England and Wales which was set up in October 2010 to resolve client complaints about their solicitors.  Complaints should be brought to the ombudsman no more than twelve months from when the problem occurred or when you should have become aware of the problem and within six months from receiving a final response from your solicitors after complaining to them.

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