Claims against Solicitors

Claims against Solicitors

How to make a claim against a solicitor

When embarking on a claim against a solicitor our team are there to help and support you through the process.

We specialise in claims against other solicitors and claims that we have successfully pursued against solicitors include those in the following areas:-

  • Inadequate advice on commercial transactions
  • Negligent Will drafting or administration of estate issues
  • Residential property and commecial property issues
  • Employment matters
  • Matrimonial matters
  • Claims in relation to clinical negligence issues
  • Causing claims to be struck out
  • Failure to meet time limits

How can we help?

  • First, we can provide an initial appraisal of your case against a solicitor – our experts can analyse your case and advise on the necessary steps and lead you through your claim (a 'plan of action’). This will include advice on how to pursue a claim for compensation or even if you are being pursued for fees by your solicitor, how to defend such a claim.
  • We will discuss all funding options
  • We will advise on obtaining all the documents necessary to deal with your case including your former solicitor’s file of papers.
  • We will advise on time limits.
  • We will consider if you need evidence from experts, for instance on the value of property or shares.
  • We will start your claim which will include following the Professional Negligence Pre–action Protocol. See our page on Working Together.
  • The Protocol now encourages parties to try and resolve any disputes without resorting to the court.
  • But if the Protocol does not produce a settlement, then we will advise in relation to court proceedings and set out a plan of action to a trial of your claim. 

The above process deals with claims for compensation. But sometimes your complaint may be that your solicitor has provided an inadequate service and you have suffered no loss. If this is the case then you will need to refer your claim to the Legal Ombudsman and we can help you on this process as the Ombudsman has the power to award compensation for inadequate service.

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