Some examples of the cases we have successfully pursued


Case 1

We acted for a Claimant who brought a professional negligence claim against his solicitors in relation to their negligent handling of his medical negligence claim.

The initial allegation was that the Claimant’s GP and subsequently his Primary Care Trust, provided negligent treatment and failed to diagnose an infection, which resulted in his having to have a leg amputated.

He initially instructed solicitors who missed the key date to issue proceedings in Court. To make matters worse, his solicitors were intervened by the Law Society and were closed down. Unfortunately, the solicitors who then took over conduct of the claim were also intervened.

We were instructed and successfully pursued a claim for damages against his initial solicitors for their failure to properly conduct the medical negligence claim.

Case 2

We acted for a client who brought a claim for professional negligence against her former solicitors. They had failed to pursue all of the potential defendants in an action for medical negligence, where there were multiple possible defendants. The claim was in excess of £4 million.

We advised on the conduct of the remaining element of the medical negligence claim and our Medical Negligence Department pursued the medical negligence case against the one defendant who had been effectively issued against. However there was not sufficient evidence to continue this element of the claim.

As a result, our client then had to pursue a claim against the negligent solicitors and this was conducted by our Professional Negligence Department with team members from the Medical Negligence Department.

The firm’s experience in both medical negligence and professional negligence matters allowed both elements of the case to be dealt with efficiency and in tandem. Our extensive experience in acting for claims relating to other solicitors and the provision of expertise from the Medical Negligence Team (whether on the remaining element of the claim or on the professional negligence claim) made the firm best placed to advise this client and we successfully settled the case on behalf of our client.

Case 3

Our client was seriously injured in an accident at work. He suffered multiple injuries, including a head injury, fractured skulland various fractures to an arm and leg. He underwent numerous procedures to treat his injuries both during this initial admission and subsequently.

The claim was settled by his solicitors but it is alleged that it was wrong to settle the claim on the basis of the limited quantum evidence available and without any or any adequate assessment of the value of the claim. In particular, protective court proceedings could have been issued but not served whilst these steps were being taken.

Our client’s claim was settled at a substantial under-value. On behalf of our client we have brought a claim for professional negligence against the previous solicitors.