Construction & Building Disputes

The pursuit of a claim relating to a construction/building dispute can be time consuming and expensive. It is, therefore, essential that you obtain cost effective and sound commercial advice from the outset. After all, there is little point in spending £10,000 on legal costs in pursuing a claim that is worth £5,000.

Sometimes, disputes can arise during the construction process itself and it is essential to have a clear understanding of the time limits that will apply under ordinary construction contracts, for resolving such disputes. Similarly, if disputes concern defective work once the construction has been completed, it is likely that statutory or other obligatory procedures will need to be followed.

Our experienced Litigation Team will identify at an early stage the essential elements of the dispute and advise you on viable ways of putting the case forward and resolving it. We deal with individuals, building companies and large businesses involved in more complex building projects.

For further information and advice concerning a construction/building dispute, please contact our Litigation Team.