Insolvency Services

How we can help

Our team will take time to listen to you so that they have a clear understanding of the issues you are facing and will offer practical insolvency advice and solutions. Our clients include business owners, individuals and Insolvency Practitioners. We focus on providing a practical approach to problems created by issues arising from insolvency.

We advise on all areas of Insolvency Law.

For Business Owners

  • Debt Recovery
  • Restructuring and Recovery Advice
  • Advice on Directors Duties
  • Directors Personal Liability
  • Disqualification Proceedings and Applications for leave to act as a Director
  • Re-use of prohibited company names
  • Directors Duties
  • Placing your company into Liquidation or Administration

Our Insolvency lawyers can assist business owners in both the good times - to strengthen their position - as well as in the bad times to restructure and survive.

For Individuals

  • Advice on the bankruptcy procedure, Individual Voluntary Arrangements and creditor negotiations
  • Advice on the effect of Bankruptcy and the Restrictions that apply.
  • Advice on annulment of the Bankruptcy Orders
  • Advice if your employer has entered a formal insolvency procedure
  • Protecting the matrimonial home if you or your spouse become bankrupt

Dealing with financial problems is stressful, and our lawyers will assess your options and provide you with a plan to move forward.

For Insolvency Practitioners

Brighton office

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Eastbourne office

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East Grinstead office

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Forest Row office

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Lewes office

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Seaford office

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Pulborough office

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Storrington office

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Gatwick office

Tel 01293 804698

Primary Contact

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Darren Stone

Associate Solicitor

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