Fixed Fees and Retainer

Employment solutions for employers

Keeping up to date with the ever changing field of employment law can be difficult for many employers. While they may want to do the right thing, knowing what that is at the time any decision needs to be made can prove a problem. The employment team at Mayo Wynne Baxter is here to help in such situations. We believe in developing on-going relationships with employer clients and annual packages are offered to cover the ad-hoc advice that may be needed from time to time. There are three options on offer:

Option 1

General Employment Advice File - This works on a pay as you go basis, with no charges being made in excess of a capped amount. If an employer does not need our advice then there will be no bill.  If they do need advice then we will charge a monthly basis for the work that has been undertaken. Charges are based on a consolidated hourly rate.

Option 2

Annual Employment Retainer File - The fixed fee calculated by assessing previous activity with the client and looking at the number of employees to be covered. Where the client is new to us we will talk about any issues the employer may have had with employees in the past few years in order to gauge the appropriate level to charge for the retainer

As with option 1, this file covers the day to day employment law advice an employer may need (either by phone, email or face to face) and a review, if requested, of the employer’s contracts of employment and any handbook, policies or procedures.

As we believe that prevention is better than cure we also include a half day of training for managers and/or staff where appropriate. This training is also available under option 1 but there will be a specific charge in accordance with the pay as you go nature of the billing for that file. In both cases we can offer further training, outside the ambit of the files, and this will be on a fixed cost basis.


There are certain matters excluded from the General Employment Advice File and Annual Employment Retainer File. These are:

  1. Defending any claim bought against the employer in an Employment Tribunal or Court.
  1. Drafting any contracts, handbooks, policies and procedures.
  1. Preparing or advising on a Settlement Agreement.
  1. Advising in excess of four hours in respect of one issue.


Option 3

For an additional amount we can offer an Extended Annual Employment Retainer File.  This will cover all of the excluded items mentioned above.  The fixed fee builds on the amount for Option 2 and will be calculated after a discussion with the employer about the plans they have for the business during the 12 month period that the file is to be in place. Payment options are available for this option and the more that is paid in the initial payment the greater the scope there is for a discount to be arranged.