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The first steps to having a healthy work/life balance

Do you struggle to switch off from work in your spare time? Find yourself checking your emails whilst sat watching the TV or between cooking dinner for the kids? In an age of technology takeover and busy schedules, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect work/life balance and knowing when to focus your attention elsewhere.

Unplugging from technology and finding activities that help you to relax and detach from work is one of the first steps to achieving the balance. Suggestions for such therapeutic activities could include reading, enjoying the great outdoors by going for a long walk, cooking, gentle exercise such as yoga or swimming or even meditation. Phycologists say that within your daily routine you should include an hour of self-care and an hour for relaxation to enable your mind and body to recuperate and rejuvenate from the day.

It is also important to manage time spent in work well. Perhaps you are finding that there aren’t enough hours in the working day to do the tasks which have been set? Prioritising what needs to be done first and putting together an efficient to do list should help to ease your overall time management. Trial and error is also a key aspect when working with to do lists. Using different formats and setting yourself daily goals instead of planning to take over the world should relieve that extra bit of pressure at the end of the working day.

Importantly remember family and health should always come first. Looking after physical and mental health should fall into the ‘me’ time that you dedicate to yourself each day, including eating a healthy well balanced diet and regular exercise. You should start to see that by introducing this into your daily routine, it will be reflected in your performance in work and life as well. Make sure that you give 100% of your attention to family time, by switching phones and laptops off. Your nearest and dearest do not want to have a conversation with you looking at a screen.

These are just some of the ways in which you can introduce balance to your lifestyle through positive behaviour changes. Make a change in your daily routine today to see the benefits of well being!

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