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How to approach divorce to keep the peace?

Client’s often ask what they can do to keep the peace during their divorce, particularly if their spouse does not really want the marriage to come to an end. Here are some top tips of what may help you through your separation…

  1. Separation – Ensure you understand the separation options available to you. Divorce is one option. In some cases Judicial Separation or doing nothing (for a period of time in limited cases) may be appropriate.
  2. Finances – Be aware of how a divorce will affect your finances, but don’t be afraid of it. The key is to look at solutions that meet your particular circumstances and the needs of your family. There is always a solution to an issue that might seem impossible at the time you are facing it.
  3. Open mindedness – consider alternative means of resolving your separation issues and seek legal advice as to whether these are appropriate for you. Mediation, collaborative law, arbitration and round table meetings are all alternative options to traditional solicitor-led negotiations that could be considered.
  4. Transparency – it is extremely difficult if not impossible to provide legal advice on what an appropriate settlement is in relation to financial matters if we cannot identify what the income, assets and liabilities are. Transparency is essential.
  5. Experts – be aware that sometimes lawyers have to involve other experts as they are not allowed to offer financial services to clients. For example, an expert may be instructed to provide advice on a particular tax matter or pension issue.
  6. Proportionality – sometimes the costs of pursuing a matter may be disproportionate to the issue. A matter of principle could be expensive and may not yield a better result.
  7. Be timely – delay in dealing with an issue can cause frustration for the other person involved in the separation and may impact on how they then approach the issue. A delay in resolving an issue can also negatively impact on the options available to resolve the matter.
  8. Protection – ensure you have protected yourself in the interim by seeking advice in relation to property matters and making a new Will. This will give you security in the meantime and may reduce anxiety.

If you are going through a separation and would like some advice and support, we have family law specialists available who can provide legal advice and dispute resolution services, including family mediation and collaborative law. If you would wish to speak with one of our Family Law Specialists, please do contact our new enquiries team on 01273 407418.

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