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Flight delays and compensation

The pilot looks at his watch and waits for passengers

In the last few months, English Courts have considered passengers’ rights to compensation due to flight delays in accordance with Regulation (EC) Number 261/2004. This European Regulation establishes the rules of compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of being denied boarding, cancellation or long flight delays. Cases of denied boarding and cancellation are… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Be informed, be warned! New double taxation treaty between Spain and United Kingdom now in force.

Marine planning

Spain and the United Kingdom have had a Double Taxation Treaty since 1975 which was amended in 1993. However, there was a more recent need for modernising its provisions due to the current economic and commercial relationships between Spain and the United Kingdom (UK) and a new treaty is coming into force on 12 June… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

One a penny, two a penny… and every little helps!

Travel Law

Thanks to the 2014 Budget, we can now save money when we drink beer, play bingo and we can even invest these savings (or at least up to £15,000) on a new cash ISA.  But this is not all – hopefully we will be able to have cheaper holidays to long-haul destinations soon. The Chancellor… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Keeping up to speed with the driving laws in Spain

Driving in Spain

For holidaymakers and people looking to move to Spain, it is important to keep on top of the ever-changing laws – particularly those relating to driving. The Spanish government has recently approved changes in traffic law with the main aim being, in theory, to reduce the amount of accidents on Spanish territory. I say in… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Airline safety and restraint of passengers

The safety of passengers and staff during travel is a key consideration for airlines and tour operators, and the recently published first edition of the Guidance on Unruly Passenger Prevention and Management by the International Air Travel Association (IATA) provides guidance to airlines on how to prevent and deal with unruly or disruptive passengers. Safety… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Time for take off for Sussex businesses?

A second runway at Gatwick is just one of the options being considered to increase the UK’s airport capacity. While decisions made in 2013 will affect Sussex’s long term economic prospects, the various options are likely to remain grounded for some years. Sir Howard Davies is leading a commission to examine the scale and timing… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)


In a recent ruling, the European Court of Justice has provided clarity in respect of the time period in which claims can be brought by consumers for fixed compensation under the “Denied Boarding Regulations”. In the case of Morë v Koninklijke, the Court was asked to consider the Defendant’s arguments that the Montreal Convention applied… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

New harmonised rules for pilots not met with harmonious reaction

On 1 October 2012 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published proposals (known as an Opinion at this stage)  to amend the current EU wide rules on flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements for commercial air transport.  These changes are aimed at harmonising standards across Europe.  The next step in the process is… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Ban on Travel Traders Profiting from Card Payments

Many in the travel sector will be aware that the Office of Fair Trading has spent the last year or so investigating the use of disproportionally high credit and debit card charges by certain elements in the travel industry and particularly those charges historically imposed by some budget airlines at the end of the booking… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)


The last decade has seen the emergence of low cost airlines throughout Europe and the seemingly irresistible fares they offer. With the expansion of the “global market” made possible through the worldwide web, a host of destinations have been opened up to the independent traveller, who has been content to assemble his own holiday, whether… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)